Nature's Diary
Project Type:
Design and Construct
Completion Date:
May 10, 2017
Project Features:

High Voltage

Nature's Diary

Our client owned an untenanted building and a prospective tenant required an upgrade from 400 Amps to 5000 Amps in order to lease the warehouse. In turn Scarlett Contracting was engaged to liaise with the prospective tenants to determine their requirements and to provide a solution that would see the lease secured.

Scarlett Contracting designed and constructed the electrical infrastructure for Natures Dairy which is a milk processing plant for their required 5000 Amp main switchboard. The MSB incorporated a bus-tie breaker, to accomodate servicing of HV transformers when required, without losing power to the installation, which included:

  • Two 1500 KVA kiosk pad mount transformers in parallel
  • Design and manufacturing of 2 x 1650 Amp main switch boards with bus-tie arrangement.
  • Design and coordination with supply authorities
  • Supply and installation of 2 x 1200 Amp outgoing sub-mains supplying internal plant switchboards for detailed plant and equipment.

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