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Please ensure all employees bring along proof of incolink/protect and coinvest memberships, paid up to date. Thanks
Invoice requirements:
  • Must be sent to to by Sunday night to be included in the that weeks payment run on Thursday. Any invoices received after Sunday night will not be processed until the following week.
  • Please submit your invoices in pdf format
  • Please show your ABN number and indicate GST portion if you are registered for GST. The invoice must be titled TAX INVOICE.
  • Please indicate the project name and address where the work took place
  • Please ensure you put a unique invoice number on each invoice.
  • Please list one line item per project if the work was split across jobs. (e.g per line: date, project, hours x rate = line total)
  • Please display your bank account details, address and phone number on the invoice.
  • As a subcontractor you are responsible for your own Long Service Leave and Income Protection & PD Insurance payments so please ensure you are up to date with these.
If there is an issue with your payment please email to request an update and state the invoice number you are enquiring about. Stephanie will get back to you within 2 working days.